Loo presents: Goodbye, Clog


Loo presents: Goodbye, Clog
Hosted by Nancy Gildart and Timothy Prentiss
October 12-November 9, 2019

Dearest Clog,

The weather is cooling, and dusk is arriving sooner which means the seasons are changing. This transition reminds me that all must eventually come to an end. You, my long-time companion, have grown so steadily and stealthily I hardly noticed how severely lodged you have become. I'm loath to say it, and pardon my French, but your bulbous protuberance is jamming up the works. As the saying goes, guests who stick around too long are like fish, and you stink! Luckily Nancy and Tim have agreed to throw you a bon voyage soirée! There will be linens plenty, movement encouraging recipes, and a big bonfire to revel in the joyous occasion of your swift and thorough flush. Hazah and GOOD RIDDANCE!

P.S. The fire pit will be in the backyard, so no need to bring your fire extinguisher but do bring the paperwork plugging up your life to throw on the pyre!