Loo presents: Cheeky


Loo presents: Cheeky
Paintings by Kit Everson
July 13-August 10, 2019

The rear human pleat contains a universe of possibilities. A cornucopia of celestial delights. But its visual attributes don't reveal personality traits. Bouncy, bubbly, and blushing don't equate to butch, bookish, and boundless. If you're looking for binaries, you'll easily be fooled. When you're from a small town, like Kit Everson is, access to a community of like-minded queers is facilitated by the internet. IRL isn't easy, so flirtation arrives in a cheek clap. A prized posterior nude pic. A one-eyed wink saying, "Hey, friend. Lovely to meet you. Is it hot in here or is it just me?" Many of these images capture their subjects in the most prone of positions. An offering that also says, "I trust you." I can't think of a more supportive reply than, "Okay. I've got your back." By closely observing these photos and rendering them in paint Kit is saying exactly that. Queer folks of the world, Kit's got you!