Loo presents: Relief


Loo presents: Relief
Sculpture by David Richards
July 29 - August 26, 2017

Delirious. The room spins. The tension escapes. You feel openness like the foot of everything destructive has stepped off you for a moment. That’s when the elephants appear. Miniature and pink. Tails held in trunks. Spinning. Letters float just out of reach and knot up into words. Not words. Excused from didactic meaning, they make you laugh. Enormous belly laughs. All of your muscles and your bones and your hair convulse in laughter. Your guts twist, wringing you out. A few quick thrusts and you’ve emptied the contents of your stomach. There is no greater relief than the moment after you vomit. The sweet coolness of the sweat on your skin and the porcelain in your arms. The horribleness of feeling sick just a memory flushed away. It must be nice to be released from the burden of physicality. A spirit amongst other spirits. But it’s spirits that got us here in the first place.