Loo presents: Litterall

Loo presents: Litterall
Photography by Michael Weinberg
Curated by Paul Hopkin
April 2-May 7, 2016

Step into a private glimpse of the inner life of Boris. That’s right, step in it.

Michael Weinberg has turned his lens and devotion to the mews of the greatest artists’ greatest works. Photography harnesses light to produce images. Michael translates the great masterworks mostly by observing then aping their light. (Can a cat ape?) The masters have all died, and those of us left to venerate those glimpses of pure inspiration are turned to shit. Litterally. Well, in the newest sense of the word, literally.

No actual turds were harmed in the making of this feline museum. Litterally, we care for our shit. Please check that your bottom is clean upon exiting, by which we literally mean your bottom surface, otherwise known as your feet.