We're separate together now

We’re separate together now
Amaranth Borsuk, Kate Bowen, Matt Kayhoe Brett, Judith Brotman, CCAnn Chen, Laura Davis, Meg Duguid, Jason Dunda, Alex Gartelmann, Nick Grasso, Andrew Holmquist, Kelly Kaczynski, Mike Paro, Ellis von Sternberg, Valentina Zamfirescu
February 13 - March 5, 2016

Once in awhile we break up so angry that we never want to look back. But a clean slate is not that easy. Most of the time we devastate people we love just by being too wrapped up in our own shit. We can no longer sense the smell we’re dragging around. Just as true for a falling out between friends as for a romance. After a break, we still feel the raw need for approval. Affection. Affirmation. Recoil of the person who so recently welcomed our embrace confuses our senses. Looks the same. Sounds the same. Is different. Even if I left you, I still long. I still want to tell you the funny thing that happened, to seek your help with the things you’re good at. Before I remember frustration, disappointment, and betrayal, I still love you. I forget that it’s no longer your job to comfort me or even understand me.

This is a call to stand raw and naked in that most vulnerable place. I can no longer turn to you, so I will share my deep inside places inappropriately with every willing ear. I will cling to my humanity by being desperately human in a congregation of desperate fellows.