Loo presents: Guit Shilty

Loo presents: Guit Shilty
Sculpture by Alex Gartelmann
Curated by Paul Hopkin
June 20-July 11, 2015

Do these jeans make my ass look big? 

A mirror can save us from embarrassing fit, but that reflection is as likely to double down the wrong as it is to help us navigate the perfect curve.

We carefully present ourselves to construct an image. Fit, brand, fabric. Alex Gartelmann collapses the building of a building onto his body.  His jeans (genes?)  protect from the mess and rubble of demolition. The wrong bits are hard and hard edged. The words don’t tell us the right thing either.  Down to earth and utilitarian in that way Japanese raw selvedge denim claims to be. 

Funny how the self-obsessed avoid that question of what a self is in the first place. Alex asks. Invites even. Available. Not a place where many of us choose to remain for long periods. Too uncertain and insecure. 

The real question is after we’ve confronted all that, do we simply wash our hands of it and walk away or has something moved within us that remains.