Loo presents: Soranus of Ephesus

Loo presents: Soranus of Ephesus
Assemblage by Ryan Michael Pfeiffer
May 23-June 13, 2015

Become the wolf to fend off the wolves. One orifice linked to another.

Ryan Michael Pfeiffer offers the fruits of his research related to the existence of an ancient deity fraught with duality. Gender ambiguous and mired in filth elevated to currency. Initially human, ascended to the highest official, celebrated as a god/dess. Connected to a myth that spawned a cult religion. Entrails ripped from a blaze dragged deep into a cavern that plagued the area with a toxic stench. The result, rituals performed to avoid the much worse. Camp the heathenry to lessen their wrath.

Evidence gathered from ancient writings (sonnets and accounts) and images (busts and woodcuts). A scatter shot of information sprayed wide throughout history that when linked, allows the totality of Soranus to appear. Mixing the historical smatter with the muck of secretions, Pfeiffer mimics the rites as he unveils the mythos.

Caked in crap, jigging in a seething brine of urine, these artifacts defy tendencies for facts. They are what the claim to be. This is the jaw, and also the sphincter.