Loo presents: Swish

Loo presents: Swish
A limited-run fashion line based on Porous Walker’s illustrations
February 14 - 28, 2015

It took Picasso a lifetime to learn how to draw like a child. Porous Walker did it in like half that.

His recent drawings harken back to that special time in nursery school when you learned that expressing your individual creativity was smudging a hue of your liking between the outlines of a princess or monster truck. Luckily we’ve grown up and discovered there is funner stuff like naughty bits and the Internet. Porous is going back and remaking the lines so that what we know now can titillate our child selves.

He’s thinking outside of the coloring book. He’s revealing genitals in places you never imagined (Your pronouns are so archaic you might as well give up on language altogether). He’s advocating that no one should ever fear blurting out in front of all these people what regretful thing they’re currently engaged in. He’s telling us to stop acting like we aren’t addicted to this sh*t because here we are. Here we are!

Porous has had his dope designs rejected by nearly every major sports clothing label, Nike and Adidas included. How they could pass on cross trainers decorated with boobs and wieners and va-jay-jays is beyond explanation. Healthgoth did its business last year. This is the future, baby. This fashion explosion will have its own equally stupid hashtag and it’s sure to last, at least a month.