Paul's NOT Gay

CC Ann Chen

CC Ann Chen

Paul’s NOT Gay
Presented by Molar Productions
February 14-March 14, 2014

Yet another tongue-in-cheek (or other body parts) group show proudly presented by Molar Productions (Larry Lee, prop.) this time, though, as a weak excuse to celebrate the fifth anniversary of slow.

Hard to believe that five years ago marked the start of his gallery with the inaugural exhibit/original question of Paul WHO?

Since then, many have come to find out who he is. So what’s the big f**king deal saying, “Paul’s not gay?” Well, perhaps the bevy of artists assembled—a good number from that first show—can do their best to dispute or shed light on the topic.

Anyway, come join us aboard our version of the Love Boat on Valentine’s Day to see proof positive that “Paul’s NOT Gay”…

With Benjamin Bellas, Judith Brotman, CC Ann Chen, Meg Duguid, Andreas Fischer, Jeffrey Grauel, John Henley, Andrew Holmquist, Greyson Hong, Theodore Horner, International Chefs of Mystery!, Carol Jackson, Carron Little, Nicholas Lowe, Ryan Noble, Susannah Papish, Steve Reber, Oli Rodriguez, Joshua Slater, Rafael E. Vera, Rebecca Walz and Ryan Michael Pfeiffer.