Rehearsal Attire

Rehearsal Attire
Meg Duguid, Charles Fogarty, Mindy Rose Schwartz, Andreas Fischer
July 13 - August 10, 2013

Revisiting. There was a thought, an impulse, or an approach that once resonated. Perhaps the going back is delving inward, Perhaps we look to history to learn about someone else. Often a journey back begins with nostalgia. But once in a while, someone re-visits something to get to that resonance. Jump into a cliché or the discarded thing and dig deeper than sentimental familiarity.

Meg Duguid is making a piece she exhibited at slow once before. Not improving it; rebelling against it, moving it to a whole other realm, turning it inside out to reveal the guts of it.

Mindy Rose Schwartz is reclaiming and reexamining a crafted past. She found herself digging through 70’s craft projects of her childhood and discovered that behind summer camp and school projects were real artists, feminists, and a lot of heady exploration.

Andreas Fischer is looking at looking, and layering the looks jammed into rollicking picture planes.

Charles Fogarty adds one part architecture, one part table dressing, one part painting. He is taking the fractured and restructured space out to lunch.

Perhaps this show will be like a laundry pile of Cosby sweaters. More likely now that the heat is on, irony will be shed, and we will get to see bits of familiar things refreshed, a little raw, and mixed with unexpected counterparts. We will walk away with the magic of art that has done its job and taught us things about going back.