Slow's Cocktail, The Moroni

It’s already 2013? How did that happen?

Since we gave you a gift last year (Chocolate Caramelized Flamin’ Hot Cheetos) we decided to have some fun and make you something even better this year. The Moroni, our very own complex concoction of homemade infused booze that is easy to mix and reflects our Mormon heritage (Well Paul’s at least). In fact it is so complex we had to divide it into 5 separate videos but we’re sure you’ll enjoy it!

We have an impressive lineup of artists that we are excited to be working with this year. Here is a preview:

February 2, Carron Little & Dave Richards
March 2, George Blaha & Susie Kimball
April 6, Helmut Heiss & Emily Severance
May 4, Carol Jackson & Julie Portratz
June 8, Judith Brotman & Michael Hunter
July 13, A small group show including Meg Duguid, Andreas Fischer, Jason Jozwiak

We’re also chatting with Laura Davis about a new project space in our basement. How awesome is that? Of course that means we have to clean it out first which is less than awesome.

Additionally, each of our upcoming exhibitions will feature a different SmAB brew.  You haven’t heard about our beer brewing?  Probably because we haven’t officially said anything.  But it’s already been leaked to the press: Gallerybrewing Is Now a Thing in the Chicago Art Scene

We look forward to seeing you soon and wish you all the best in the New Year!

Paul Melvin Hopkin, Jeffrey Grauel, and Yesterday

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